Revelation 16 pt3

Apr 10, 2024    Don Potter

Revelation 16 pt3 /// Why Does Toast Fall Butter Side Down with Don Potter

Who Appears In This Episode: Don Potter

Season 2, Episode 14: "Revelation 16 pt3"

Last week we were in Revelation 16:7-11, if you haven’t watched it, we encourage you to go back and watch it first. In this episode, Don Potter speaks on Revelation 16:11-13. There is so much meaning in this chapter that applies to the current days we are in. This is the perfect time to study how the book of Revelation is revealing Jesus in our current days. We can then partner with Him to help the church become a bride without spot or wrinkle and known by the world for her love for one another. Come join us on this journey of beholding Jesus in Revelation.