Is "Living In Covenant" For Modern Christians?

Apr 11, 2024    Prudence O'Haire, Chris Behnke

Is “Living In Covenant” For Modern Christians? /// Together We Build With Chris Behnke + Prudence O'Haire

Who Appears In This Episode: Chris Behnke, Prudence O’Haire

Season 3, Episode 12: Is “Living In Covenant” For Modern Christians?

In this vital episode of Together We Build, Chris Behnke and Prudence O'Haire delve into the concept of "Living In Covenant" as presented by Bobby Haaby. Amidst the backdrop of modern Western culture, they explore how this Biblical principle of covenant challenges the prevailing norms of "Sunday only Christianity" and why embracing an "all in" faith is more crucial than ever. As they review clips from Bobby Haaby's compelling message, Chris and Prudence unpack the significance of living a life deeply rooted in covenant with God, contrasting it with the fleeting commitments of today's society. This episode is a call to rediscover the depth and commitment of covenant living, making it an essential listen for anyone seeking to deepen their walk with God in an ever-changing world. You can watch the full message Chris + Prudence reference from Bobby Haaby here:

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