Glory Light Transformation Center

"If you are considering going through this kind of ministry, please think no further. Just do it and quit thinking it over. If we as christians believe what we say we believe, then we believe in the supernatural and how it affects us.

 I broke free from some very noticeable spots of anxiety, body image issues and obvious curses that had been after my animals and my eyes. Yes, if I had to do it over again, I would do it. "

-Penny O.

We prayed with a woman who had suffered much rejection with emotional abuse within her family growing up. She was suicidal when coming to us. We worked with her on many levels, got freedom and deep level healing in her spirit, soul and body. She walked out her freedom. She is moving into a Women’s Advocacy role. She’s gone from a victim to a victorious FREEDOM FIGHTER!

- Glory Light

 “Glory Light is a journey into transparency. Allowing Jesus with the Holy Spirit and a person teaching through spirit led instruction, how to unlock your old wounds, your subconscious and negative memories from any source. Without trauma.

 Allowing you to access your identity and purpose God created for you in Psalm 139. It is a journey into freedom and the knowledge to stay free. Jesus gave us life and life abundantly. Be free indeed!!!”

-Jenna H.

“When growing up, I was very influenced by generational strongholds and trauma passed to me from my parents and their generations. When going through the GloryLight intensive, I was able to break free of the lies and receive my FREEDOM from much generational trauma, pain and brokenness. This process will really help you discover your true identity in Christ. It will enable you to embrace truth and new godly beliefs that will set you free! Everyone needs this!

- Debra S.

“I was jobless,homeless, car-less and had just a backpack on my back coming home from Mexico. I was in complete trauma and mental distress.

 God has restored my sanity- I have not taken medications since. I have a job that I love. The relationships with my family are awesome and growing.

 I’m growing at church,I am on the prayer team now. God is doing so many good things and thank you for being a part of that and for praying with and for me, because it definitely changed the trajectory of my life.”

- Noma L.

A Freedom prayer was done with a woman who had been unable to have children.She was approaching an age making it risky to become pregnant.

She had suffered years of disappointment, trauma and much “hope deferred”.

Her anxiety level was very deep. There was profound sadness. Through prayer, she released all of the trauma and pain to JESUS. He healed the wound in her soul.

He gave her PEACE and JOY as divine exchanges. She felt something happening deep inside during the prayer and afterwards. Within weeks of the healing of her soul, she just got her doctor’s report. She’s pregnant! Thank you JESUS!


We prayed with an older woman who had been satanically ritually abused as a child. Her whole life had been filled with alcoholism, failed marriages, abusive relationships, dead emotions and so much more.

She had to cross the threshold of severe pain from the trauma she suffered as a child. She had suffered DID due to the level of abuse. Working with her to forgive, receive freedom from trauma as well as courage to believe GOD had a destiny for her to fulfill at her mature age has been awesome!

She got her physical and emotional heart healed at 80 years old, she knows it’s never too late. She’s getting ready to share her testimony publicly.

Her hope is that many SRA survivors will be released from their spiritual, emotional and physical prisons! AMEN!
- Glory Light

"There comes a time in so many of our lives where we need an extra push or some spiritual housecleaning because we are stuck and just can’t move on. I was in that place.

 While I am a veteran of this kind of ministry myself, helping others in this line of work, I realized I needed help. These Practitioners were so kind, thorough, meticulous and something else I needed, firm. They knew what I needed, listened to God with me and for me and helped me walk out of a place of hurt and spiritual and emotional bondage I’d been in for awhile.

 I highly recommend that anyone who needs help to be free and move on in their walk with Jesus to sign up! You won’t regret it."

-Liam P. 

"After I received deliverance, especially breaking soul ties, the noise in my head stopped.”

"After going through the ministry separately, my husband said he could come home after 12 years of separation. We had several failed attempts at re-uniting. This took!"