Prophetic Teams

Vision and Values

For who has stood in the council of the Lord, and has perceived and heard His word? Who has marked His word and heard it? Jeremiah 23:18

It is our strong desire for our Prophetic Teams is to set a solid foundation for Hearing, Perceiving, Identifying and Marking Well the voice of the Lord; First, in our hearts, Secondly, in the church, then, in the regions and nations of the world. We intend, through sound biblical teaching, impartation and the release into the Revelatory Realms, to train and equip prophetic people to release the Word of the Lord with a deep abiding understanding of the following subjects:

Understanding the Prophetic

  1. Intimacy with God – If you know someone intimately you can recognize them by their voice.

o   Knowing Him, His ways, and being able to recognize the sounds of His voice.

o   Visions, Dreams, Signs, Encounters, Audible voices, Impressions, etc., and how to interpret and properly communicate them.

  1. God’s continual voice to man – Revealing and making known God’s voice to man through:

o   Word (Bible) – Understanding Scripture

o   Visions, Dreams, Signs, Encounters, Audible Voices, Impressions, etc. and how to interpret them.

  1. Awakening the spirit of man to God’s voice & man’s response – A heart that’s been touched by the reality of a living God will (must) awaken to His voice and person.

o   Administration of His living Word on earth through:

  1.    Prophetic declarations
  2.    Prophetic acts

o   How to receive, perceive and act on His leading (voice)

Prophetic Teams and Training

We believe in the necessity of hearing from and recognizing God’s voice on a daily basis. If you desire more training in hearing God’s voice, we provide training sessions throughout the year. This schedule will be displayed under our events tab.

*every Wednesday night except the 5th Wednesdays of the month

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