Are We Afraid to Hear From God

Jun 7, 2024

Are We Afraid to Hear From God /// Together We Build With Chris Behnke + Prudence O'Haire

Who Appears In This Episode: Chris Behnke, Prudence O’Haire

Season 2, Episode 22: "Are We Afraid to Hear From God"

Join Chris Behnke and Prudence O'Haire in a thought-provoking episode of "Together We Build" titled "Are We Afraid to Hear From God." In this insightful installment, the dynamic hosts address the real fear that many individuals have when it comes to actually "hearing" from God. Chris and Prudence delve into the meaning of hearing from God, clarifying what it does and does not entail. They explore the responsibilities that come with engaging in a conversation with God and discuss the transformative impact of overcoming the fear associated with hearing His voice. Don't miss this enriching conversation as they guide viewers through understanding the dynamics of communication with God, encouraging a deeper connection and intimacy in the spiritual journey. Join "Together We Build" for an episode that challenges fears and fosters a greater openness to hearing from God. Discover more at Follow Chris + Prudence