As an apostolic company, we understand the importance that true government plays in the earth. We create opportunities for exchange, prayer support, mobilization, to not only launch those who feel called to this mountain, but to also greatly support those already in government.


Modeling proper government within the church is our first tool and by creating a culture where governmental officials are celebrated and mobilized within our community.


We are honoring and viewing our governmental leaders as ordained by God himself. We treat them with great respect and honor their input as we collaborate to shape the future.


Seeking God for His agenda to be released here on earth and developing relationships with local governments who trust in our prophetic voice.


To have Godly leaders, who are championing justice and righteousness and using their influence for the sole purpose of bringing the King’s agenda to earth.

Our mission involves discipling Nations, reforming them into God’s original intent to expand and influence Kingdom partnership.

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