We know that societal transformation begins with healthy families. We partner and provide tools to equip families to operate in God’s multigenerational movement.


Relationships within the family develop through tools that reveal God’s truths. We provide courses for parents, married couples and singles that support growing a healthy moral foundation that transforms society.


God’s heart for family is that everyone would feel His love and acceptance and a sense of purpose, knowing they are fulfilling God’s plan and destiny for their role in His family. We walk under the reality that we carry the presence of God wherever we go and lives are impacted because of it.


Families that spend time encountering God and consistently reading the Bible together create the foundation for what we call, “healthy families”.

As every home is filled with a culture of faith in God, the atmosphere of Heaven that is cultivated releases the reality of an authentic family life that captures the attention of people in every arena.

As a result, our families are the happiest people on the planet. We become better students, better athletes, and better friends because our attitudes reflect love and trust in God.


As we are restored to the family of God, the love we now have flows outward to those around us. Healthy families are the catalyst to the success of every sphere of influence. Through missions, reaching out to our neighbors, providing needed support to our local government, and getting involved in bringing Heaven to earth through community activities, we empower world changers to “go” at whatever age and wherever God has placed them.

Eagle Mountain is a family of families. Join our family, today!

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