Because we are the sons and daughters of the Creator, we should be the most creative people on the planet. We ought to be the trendsetters and those who lead entertainment, who shape and shift atmospheres, and who partner with God to fully release the creativity of Heaven on earth.


We train and develop skills that enhance quality to create the future expression of worship through courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and gatherings. We offer both short intensives and long term courses throughout the year.


Everything and everyone was created to worship the Lord. We see this as an opportunity to utilize our whole being engaging every sense known to man. Through sight, sound and movement, we create an atmosphere for God to respond and interact with us. Our artistic community develops teams to enhance the worship experience by collaborating on big and small projects.


Every medium of creative expression has been given to us for the purpose of worshipping God. Whether it’s painting, dance, sculpting, music, or video, we steward the arts by intentionally crafting our expression with excellence and passion.


We set the trend for creative thought and flow. We are building a creative center where the culture of creativity will foster dreaming and producing the now and the next level of experiential, tangible expression.

God doesn’t need more musicians, dancers, artists, singers and poets. He needs those who know how to worship God with everything they are.

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