We empower leaders in business and innovation to become catalysts for their community. We build and equip thriving businesses to advance and expand God’s Kingdom and vision both locally and globally.


Hub Nation coaching and training events provide resources and tools to increase influence and focus. We create workshops that are practical and collaborative and designed for every person and organization being positioned for greater impact in the marketplace.


Our business community and growing collaborations are partnered with God to see His vision funded on earth. We are aligned and united to building our regions through innovative models of business, and to design and implement the corporate framework for wealth distribution on a global scale for the purposes of His Kingdom.


Whether you are a venture capitalist, CEO, innovator, employee or stay at home mom, God is releasing blueprints and strategies from Heaven to set the course for abundant life.


We are called to catalyze a hub for ‘His Nation’, to corporately usher in a new era of market creation, and to host various platforms for the gathering of business leaders in the spirit of collaborate and strategic partnership . Our vision is to release Heaven’s blueprints and to align with God’s mission of establishing the fullness of His Kingdom on earth.

HubNation: Kings + Priests

A conference for business leaders

Join Andy Mason, Bobby and Rebecca Haaby, James and Anna Kramer, and Mike Sipe for a weekend of discovering what business heaven has on earth.

If Jesus was the CEO of the Business Mountain, what would that look like?

Join us as we build a new city and a new model of Kingdom business on earth.

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